Beyond the Technological Revolution



In RESET! a conference of the social democrats in Amsterdam, I briefly replied to five questions: What to learn from history? Why populism now? Why did we embrace free markets? Why aren’t the social democratic policies working? Why move to smart green fair and global growth?. “Using the history of technological revolutions to help us understand the present and shape the future”. RESET! Towards Digital, Climate and Regional Justice Conference. Amsterdam Sept. 2020.
“Towards Smart, Green, Fair and Global Growth: Learning from the History of Technological Revolutions” Online talk for GAIA, the group organised by Otto Scharmer the author or U-theory. In the panel was also Sandrine Dixson-Declève, the co-president of the Club of Rome, who also gave an optimistic message about policies moving towards sustainability.
“Technological Revolutions and the Shape of Tomorrow: Why the future is not always the continuation of the past”. A one hour long presentation recorded for Baillie Gifford, the Scottish long term investors, on the role of history in guiding the present and the potential of the Covid-19 crisis for opening new possibilities. May, 2020.
Clarifying the confusion between a revolutionary technology, such as blockchain or AI, and a technological revolution, such as the whole Information and Communications one, with still a while to go. A virtual talk at Consensus 2020 “The Social Shaping of Technological Revolutions: Blockchain and AI in the Information Age”
In the Consensus event, debating about the nature of Blockchain and crypto in relation to technological revolutions. With Chris Burniske, the author of Cryptoassets, chaired by Zach Seward of Coindesk. Followed by a Q&A session with the (virtual) public
Debating with Kate Raworth, the author of Doughnut Economics, moderated by Mariana Mazzucato. First event in a series on Innovation and the Welfare State organized by the IIPP/UCL and the British Library, 2nd May 2019
‘Capitalism, Technology and a Green Global Golden Age: The role of history in helping to shape the future’, Lecture 10 on Capitalism, Technology and Innovation, in the IIPP-UCL course on Rethinking Capitalism. London, April 2019
‘Smart green growth is our best option for a socially sustainable future’ talk at the 2018 Summit of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, June 2018
‘It is time for government to come back boldly, wisely and adequately’, Presentation at the Global Drucker Forum 2017
‘Using historical experience to understand the present and construct a better future’, Talk in the Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat in Méribel, in the French Alps, July 2017.
Sean Park, founder of Anthemis, in conversation with Carlota Perez, Hacking Finance Retreat, Méribel, July 2017
A GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE GOLDEN AGE COULD BE AHEAD: A view from the history of technological revolutions, 350th Anniversary of Lund University, Sweden, 2016
Anthemis Innovation Playground: Carlota Perez on Ushering in the Golden Era in the Information Age, June 2013