Beyond the Technological Revolution

Participation in Global Drucker Forum, 2017

“It is time for government to come back boldly, wisely and adequately”

9th Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna
16 - 17 November 2017


Lund Workshop on the State and Sustainability, 2017

Is there a potential in Europe for ‘smart green growth’ and a sustainable future? Analysing the Nordic experience in public sector promotion of the transition

Beyond the Technological Revolution workshop hosted by Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS), University of Lund
7– 8 March 2017

Lund University is celebrating its 350th anniversary throughout 2017. As part of the celebrations, Carlota was invited to speak at the jubilee edition of the university’s televised debate series, Debatt i Lund. Entitled ‘Is The World Becoming A Better Place’, she joined philosopher Martha Nussbaum and peace and conflict researcher James Robinson, along with local researchers Alf Hornborg, human ecologist, and the political scientist Jan Teorell. Carlota’s talk and the ensuing debate can be viewed here:

Carlota worked with professors Mats Benner, from the Department of Business Administration, and Lennart Olson of Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) to convene a 2-day workshop on the Nordic experience of the public sector’s role in the transition to sustainability. While historical research on the role of the state in previous transitions between techno-economic paradigms forms the core of our work at BTTR, understanding and promoting best-practice in the present transitional moment – and how this relates to the patterns of the past – is key to the project’s overall mission.

Policy practitioners and academic experts were invited from all four Nordic states, and from neighbouring Estonia, where Carlota regularly teaches. The aim was to collect both theoretical and practical inputs, with the presentation by participants of local case studies relating to different areas of transition policy.

The workshop was also open to Lund students, researchers and other interested parties.